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Right now I’m struggling.

The reason why is momentum.

Ages ago I heard the following:

The scariest thing is momentum, or a lack of it.?

Right now I’m struggling to build my momentum back up to where it was all those long weeks ago. It doesn’t help my eye is playing up a bit either. But a true hero wouldn’t let this hold them back—so I won’t either.


Energy Builders


Last week I talked about how energy is important. For me there are a few key things which seem to help energise me. Sleep If you really don’t know but having the correct amount of sleep is maybe one of the most important things you can do to energise yourself. That means about seven to eight hours a night. For me it’s less per night as I have a nap early afternoon. Part of that is because I work...



A quick thought for you today. It’s energy and not time that’s the core of productivity. Think about it we all have the same 24 hours in a day but it’s how we use those hours that makes the difference. If you’re highly energised you can do much more than if you’re plodding through the day just trying to survive. At this moment I’m struggling to do as much as I was before my operation. Part of...



The topic of Mentors and where you learn your information from is a constant theme running around my head. It may seem like it’s simple as just picking any old book, or course, up and just consume the information from start to end. But is that all there is to it? No. There is much more than that. 1 The first thing to look at is what it is you’re going to learn. There’s not much point reading a...

Alter Egos, IFS, and Multiple Selves


This seems like a fitting topic to deal with right now. In the last few weeks / months I’ve been learning about IFS Therapy. Then not too long ago I heard about Alter Egos. Both of these mesh well with my thinking behind Cainnech and the name I use for my storytelling (KR). The idea underlining all of these is that of multiple selves. We, at our core, are not just a single psychological figure...

CC003: 30th September


Freewriting and WIBBOW I will mention in my upcoming Weekly Wrap Up that there’s been a spate of days with no storytelling done. This is because, in a roundabout way, I asked Would I Be Better Off Writing? (WIBBOW) And the answer I got was No. Behind WIBBOW was a much larger question I needed to answer. In times like that I break out one of my favourite question answering tools: Stormwriting Or...

CC002: 23rd September


Cainnech’s Corner isn’t just about the steps I’m taking but also my thoughts, tools, and just other random musings too. A while ago I was introduced to the idea of the 3 states of being by Tommy Baker. They are: SurvivalComfortThriving For a long while I believed I was in Thriving—might’ve been too. But then a Life Roll hit. Life Rolls are those events in life which just change the status quo of...

CC001: 16th September


This week saw me pick up my quest once more after the battering it took over the summer holidays. You see I’m a stay-at-home father of 2 4-year-old kids and this is the week they first started school. This week also saw me start my latest story, a novel, called Displaced. Finally after my major backslide during the holidays (I felt really tired, drained, and terrible) I’ve managed to...

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KR is an exciting new voice in the vast far-reaching expanse of British Sci-Fi and Fantasy. He tells exhilarating stories that transports his fans into wonderous worlds filled with danger, excitement, darkness, and blazing hope.
Outside of his fiction he’s partaking in the joint epic quests of marriage and fatherhood.

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