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Weekly Wrap Up

Week ending 4th & 11th December I had thought at one time I would finish this year off strong. Alas it was not to be. Instead I’m taking note of things to see what I can learn for next year year’s end. At the same time I’m learning about, and putting into practice, tools which I hope will make things more consistent for me next year. And there is that magic word: consistent. My hope for the...

Weekly Wrap Up

Week Ending 27th November I had such high hopes for this week. Then on Wednesday (which is last week) my daughter was sent home sick from school. She was off on Thursday and Friday. As she needed me I was unable to make time for storytelling. However I did need to complete short story by Sunday midnight. This meant that I needed to tell that story whilst my family was at home. I managed to...

Weekly Wrap Up

Week ending 20th November This week has been difficult for me. Not only did we have to say bye to our beloved dog, Jasper, but I let my critical voice enter. Part of that was because I had much to do around the house. Maybe another part is that I started to make my storytelling important. So I’ll be experimenting with something new next week. At the moment I’m thinking of just doing a word count...

Weekly Wrap Up

Week Ending 13th November A week of two halves. Separated by my wife rushing our dog to the vets. Which meant my one planned day of non-storytelling spread out to 3 days. Thursday Today was the most productive of the year, which also means the most productive day in my recorded history. 3 sessions completed (160 mins) Friday Unlike yesterday this wasn’t my most productive word count day ever, but...

Weekly Wrap Up

Week Ending 6th November At the end of this week I finally got back to the storytelling computer after 5 weeks (damn that was one long break). It was not as hard as I had feared it would be. Enjoying the new twists of the story as they have been coming up. Outside of storytelling I’ve been learning craft, business, and epic life skills. Thursday & Friday Spent time working on the publishing...


Right now I’m struggling.

The reason why is momentum.

Ages ago I heard the following:

The scariest thing is momentum, or a lack of it.?

Right now I’m struggling to build my momentum back up to where it was all those long weeks ago. It doesn’t help my eye is playing up a bit either. But a true hero wouldn’t let this hold them back—so I won’t either.


Exiled Shadow Released

Today I’ve had confirmation that Exiled Shadow is now ready for purchase.

Exiled. Chased out into the overworld, when Gulil’s shadow came alive to protect him.To kill for him.Now he must find his place on the surface. Find others like him.And survive a hostile world.

Get it now from Kobo, Nook, Apple, Amazon, and Drive Thru Fiction(Other stores too.)

Weekly Wrap Up

Week Ending 30th October A day late this week, sorry. No real proper reason why. Things are still not fully settled here. My eye is feeling much better, my kids are back to school, but my wife is still off. This means I’ve got more structure than the last couple of weeks but still not enough to do storytelling. Instead I spent the time uploading a new story (and firefighting all the issues...

Energy Builders

Last week I talked about how energy is important. For me there are a few key things which seem to help energise me. Sleep If you really don’t know but having the correct amount of sleep is maybe one of the most important things you can do to energise yourself. That means about seven to eight hours a night. For me it’s less per night as I have a nap early afternoon. Part of that is because I work...

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KR is an exciting new voice in the vast far-reaching expanse of British Sci-Fi and Fantasy. He tells exhilarating stories that transports his fans into wonderous worlds filled with danger, excitement, darkness, and blazing hope.
Outside of his fiction he’s partaking in the joint epic quests of marriage and fatherhood.